Sunday, April 6, 2014

Hair Routine and Tips

Hey guys :)

First things first: did you watch the Once Upon A Time In Wonderland finale??? If you haven't, beware, this post contains spoilers!

Oh gosh. I was literally crying the whole way through, partly because of what happened, and mostly because it was ending. I am so glad that Jafar's out of the way in his bottle, Alice and Cyrus weren't killed, and most of all, Will and Ana made it back together! During Alice and Cyrus' wedding, I expected Will to propose to Ana but he didn't. Oh wells. Lastly, the guardian of the Well of Wonders scared the ish out of me, especially since I was watching the episode at around 12 at night! Overall, I enjoyed the finale very much and it was a pretty decent ending (of course, inside I am screaming for the fact that it has ended) :)

Anyways, today's post is about how I handle the bush atop of my head I call hair, and how I make it not so bush-like :) I've also picked up some tips on hair care in general, and I can't wait to share them.

1. Shampoo
A while back, my scalp was extremely dry. I had dandruff, which is equal parts annoying and gross. Recently, I picked up the Clairol Moisturizing Shampoo. It's hydrating, and smells like coconut and orchids, which is awesome. I wet my hair, pump some shampoo into my hands (2 pumps max.), then only massage it into my scalp. A common mistake that people make is lathering it up onto all their hair. I have definitely made this mistake in the past! Shampoo is meant for mainly your scalp, and conditioner takes care or your ends. After trying this method, my dandruff disappeared and my scalp was saved!

2. Conditioner
My hair was feeling really dry and as said above, bush-like. I am using the Loreal Total Repair Repairing Conditioner. After applying it, I rinse it off with cold water. When washing their hair, people tend to use hot water. Hot water opens up the cuticle layer on hair. All the product gets absorbed by the hair, but if the hair cuticle isn't sealed closed, the moisture will dry out. Cold water reseals the cuticle, trapping the moisture in your hair. After doing so, I found that my hair was softer and less tangled. 

3. Serum
I use the Loreal Smooth Intense Anti-Frizz Serum to tame all the flyaways. The average humidity in Hong Kong gets up to 90% so it's vital for me to use serum. If not, my hair literally becomes a bush. 

4. Dry shampoo
On those days when I feel really lazy or I shower really late, I like to use dry shampoo. Batiste's Original dry shampoo gets the job done, and it leaves my hair feeling refreshed. Not many places sell Batiste in Hong Kong, but I found mine at a Watsons in Shatin.

So there's my hair care! I learnt these tips from Pinterest, so credits to whoever posted them first. My hair has improved since, so I recommend you try them out.

That's all for today. Have a good day/night!

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