Sunday, May 24, 2015

[Essie] Blues For Your Nails, Not Your Mondays

essie nail polish
A few things you should know about me: 1. I am too nail polish-obsessed for my own good; 2. Essie is one of my favourite polish brands EVER; 3. Cool toned polishes are my go-to. Here I have four blue polishes that are perfect for the spring-summer transition.
essie nail polish
L-R: Mint Candy Apple, Bikini So Teeny, Garden Variety, Blossom Dandy

First off, these polishes have amazing formulas. Mint Candy Apple has been dubbed the 'perfect mint' by many nail bloggers, and it's definitely one you can't miss. I have never been able to find another polish with a similar tone. Bikini So Teeny is a ridiculously pretty periwinkle blue (still into that!). In the bottle the shimmer is visible but on the nail it's almost invisible, which I honestly prefer since the colour does all the talking. Garden Variety impressed me as soon as I swatched it; it's a creamy teal one-coater (though I always apply two coats to hit that maximum level of opacity). Blossom Dandy is also a mint shade, but as you can see from the picture it differs slightly from Mint Candy Apple. I say pick up both!

Mint Candy Apple: Sweet Time of the Year - Winter 2009
Bikini So Teeny: Bikini So Teeny - Summer 2012
Garden Variety: Flowerista - Spring 2015
Blossom Dandy: Flowerista - Spring 2015

If you are in Hong Kong and can't find Essie polishes, I have found two stores throughout my nail polish journey. The first one is Cher2, which is slightly better known than the other, A polish. Both companies have stores around HK, selling OPI, Essie, China Glaze, Orly, and many more. Check out their sites to find a store near you, or have fun shopping online.

I own many more cool-toned colours, but my collection won't stop there. I have my eye on Saltwater Happy from Essie's new Summer 2015 collection, Peach Side Babe. Oh, and did I mention Essie polishes have such adorable names?

What are your favourite nail polishes and brands?


  1. Such beautiful colours, blue's and purples are my favourite colours to wear on my nails and my favourite colours in general and I love Essie nail varnishes and Barry M are amazing too! :)

    1. ooh yes, Barry M have amazing polishes! though they are hard to get hold of here ;) x


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