Sunday, April 27, 2014

April 'Smalls' Haul

Hey guys :)

Before I begin, here's an update of the week:
1. My friends have been begging me to watch The Big Bang Theory since forever. I finally gave it a try and now I am in love with it! I would have never thought I would be interested in a show like that, as it revolves around Science, and Science to me is meh. Nonetheless, I highly enjoy the show! Howard's hair is absolute perfection, and I admire Jim Parson's ability to keep a straight face through all the jokes and funny bits. If you haven't picked up the message, GO WATCH IT!

2. I finally changed the strings on my guitar after 5 years (when I bought it). The new strings are wonderfully bouncy, and I can't wait to play more songs.

Anyways, today I have my first haul! During Easter break, many shops came out with new Spring/Summer collections. I went shopping several times and picked up some really cool stuff. A few posts ago I mentioned that I would be doing this haul post; technically yes, but not of everything I purchased. The clothing is really hard to capture on camera as they take up a lot of space, which I don't have at the moment. So, I've decided to do smaller things such as accessories, beauty products etc, as the title suggests.

As a disclaimer, I am in no way bragging about the things I have purchased. This haul is for me to give my opinions on the products, and to tell you about the new things in store so you can go pick them up yourselves!

So going back to the last day of term, I went to the Mannings in Shatin Plaza to see if I could find the new The Amazing Spiderman 2 x Revlon nail polishes I saw online. Unfortunately I couldn't, but I came across their mini OPI stand. On the bottom shelf where minis were displayed, there were pairs of polishes that were on offer for $79. I picked a pair up as OPI is normally sold for $70-$80 per bottle in Hong Kong. The colours are 'A Grape Fit' (mentioned in THIS post) and 'Lights of the Emerald City' from the OPI Oz The Great and Powerful collection. I really like 'A Grape Fit' and 'Lights of the Emerald City' is really unique as a glitter topper.

From H&M I bought this pair of floral plimsolls. The pattern is so fun, and the colours go well together.

From Typo by Cotton On, I first bought a tin of mini floral polaroids. I stuck a few on my wall as decoration to add some colour. 

I also got a blue-lid glass jar. I'm not quite sure what I'm going to use it for, but I know I'll definitely use it!

At the checkout there were little basins filled with bracelets for charity. This one in particular caught my eye; I love how the closure plays a big part in the overall design. Also, the colour is really bright and colourful.

Now on to Forever 21! I picked out several items from their, as they have a really big variety of accessories. First, a flower crown! I have been wanting to make/buy a flower crown for ages. This one is perfect because the flowers aren't too exaggerated, so I don't look too weird. 

I was running low on rings because many of them have started turning pink. I got this really cute silver laurel-esque midi ring, and a pair of gold-toned rings. I'm planning to wear the gold ring with red and blue on my right pinky, a little bit like how Alex Turner wears his Death Ramps ring on his right pinky :)

Next, a pack of crease-less hairties. I love these hairties because they don't crease my hair, and they look great when layering arm candy.

Of course if I went to Causeway Bay, I would have to go to Dude's. I bought a small bottle of Air body mist. It smells like pears and flowers, and it's pretty good.

Now for one of my favourite purchases: Baby Lips Electro! The colours I picked out were "Berry Bomb" and "Pink Shock". I am absolutely in love with them because the colours look really nice on my lips, especially "Berry Bomb". 

Online, I found this really cool iPhone case which I desperately needed as my old one was falling apart. This one is so tumblr-y, with the whole 'rad' thing, the polaroid, the TopShop socks...

The best purchase saved for last: new earphones! I was on a minibus going out and I wanted to listen to some music, and I realized the right side of my earphones were broken. I literally was like NOOOOOOO. So I obviously had to get a new pair. I really liked the Cloud earphones that my friend got for me for my birthday last year, so I bought the exact same pair in a different colour scheme. Before owning those earphones, I wasn't that into in-ear earphones. I'm so glad I got used to them because they are better for my ears than... non-in-ear earphones... if that makes sense.

Phew, finally finished! There's a lot of stuff but I have been collecting these things over a period of 1-2 months. Tomorrow's the first day of term and I am genuinely terrified. Before we get back to school, I can't sleep the night before, and I worry about things that I shouldn't worry about. But I do... Anyone else out there who feels the same? :/ But nonetheless, I wish you good luck for tomorrow, whether you're going back to school, to school, to work etc.

That's all for today. Have a good day/night!

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