Sunday, April 13, 2014

DIY: Temporary Cuticle Tattoos

Hey guys :)

Oh gosh, I originally wasn't going to post today as I have fallen sick. As I'm writing this post, my nose is dripping. Attractive, no?

Anyways, I've been planning this DIY post for quite some time (I haven't done one in over a month!). Cuticle tattoos, I think, have been totally shunned. Not a lot of people like this trend, but I absolutely LOVE this trend; it adds a little extra oomph to basic nails. I first learnt about them when surfing the net for nail colours, and have been drawing them on ever since. They are available to purchase online, but with expensive/unavailable shipping to Hong Kong, why bother? This tutorial is super easy, as all my other ones are, so let's hop into it!

Just as a disclaimer, this idea is NOT mine. I've been doing some research on YouTube and Pinterest, and this is what I've found. Credits to whoever came up with this first.

You will need:
1. Liquid eyeliner
2. Liquid bandage

1. To start off, prep your cuticle area. Moisturize them with a cuticle oil, then remove the excess. An oily surface makes it harder for the eyeliner to stay put.

2. With your eyeliner, draw on your design. Easy ones to start with are triangles or lines. They have a cool, indie vibe which is so Coachella-esque.

3. To make the tattoos last a little longer, spray on the liquid bandage to ensure it is waterproof. I was totally boggled when I came across this stuff. Bandages... in liquid form? My mum found this in a Watsons somewhere and it costs around $40-$50. I only use my bottle for this DIY, but it works well on what it is meant to be used for i.e. cuts, scrapes.

And you are done. Three steps, two things needed; it doesn't get easier than this! For once my nails and cuticle tattoos came out right. Normally, they both come out a wreck; the polish gets on my skin, the lines of the tattoos aren't straight. Miraculously, they both decided to behave today. On my nails I have OPI's A Grape Fit from the OPI Brights 2009 Bright Pair collection. It's a shade darker than OPI's Do You Lilac It? which I used to own, but it got lost somewhere after I moved :(

The tattoos last depending on how careful you are. If you rub it off, it'll come off instantly. If you are more cautious, it may last 1-2 days. Eh, you can always redraw them on ;)

That's all for today, really hope you enjoyed this post! Have a good day/night!

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