Sunday, May 4, 2014

Monthly Music Favourites: April 2014

Hey guys :)

Ok, I know it's already May and I was supposed to do this post last week. But, I really wanted to do the haul post since it's an April haul... and I would have to post it in during April... but this is an April MMF...

Better late than never :)

I spent this afternoon tweaking the design of the blog, changing the fonts, adding a custom header. I really hope you enjoy reading this blog, and that the design has improved, because I myself am so much more satisfied with it. Anyways, here's another MMF!

1. 'Sing' by Ed Sheeran
This song is so chill, yet upbeat and fun. I feel that Ed Sheeran did a really nice job on this song, and I can't wait for his second album 'x' to come out!

2. 'Radio' by Lana Del Rey
I remember I first listened to the demo track of this song, and was like "Hm, pretty good!". The actual track on her album 'Born to Die' is even better! The way I would describe it is it's whimsical, but with an edge. 

3. 'Cornerstone' by Arctic Monkeys
I know I've talked about Arctic Monkeys before, but only this month have I listened to this song. I instantly fell for it. It tells a sweet but sad story of a guy who tries to find his girlfriend/ex in different places and through different girls, but she has been dead for some time. In the end, he, mourning, meets her sister (also mourning), and they fall for each other. The feels! Not many people I know listen to Arctic Monkeys, but lately a few of my friends have started listening to them :)) They are seriously such a great band, so check them out!

4. 'Last Night' by The Vamps
The Vamps have a number of catchy songs ('Wild Heart', 'Can We Dance' etc.), and 'Last Night' is definitely one of them. I can't really justify my liking for this song, but it just is a good song. Maybe because whenever I put my phone on shuffle, it always comes up... this song is great for parties, or jamming by yourself!

5. 'Sirens' by Cher Lloyd
I don't know about you, but I am loving Cher Lloyd's new songs so far! She has matured more from her last album 'Sticks + Stones', where she was known to be a bratty pop princess. I have been a big fan of her music since she was a contestant on The X Factor UK, and I still enjoy her music now. I am excited to hear the rest of her new album 'Sorry I'm Late'. 'Sirens' is a meaningful song that clearly displays Cher Lloyd's maturity, and the music video is one of her best.

I guess I'll have to end it here. I'm certain that I had more songs to include, but they were on a computer sticky note when my laptop had to be restored and I forgot to save it elsewhere :/ 

That's all for today. Have a good day/night!

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