Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

Hey guys :)

First and foremost, happy Mother's day to all you brilliant mothers everywhere! I want to thank my mom for everything that she has done for me, and I love her so much. I'm not particularly good at writing thank-yous or happy-birthdays, so I tend to go short and sweet.

Anyways, today's post is more of an update on life, rather than a proper post. I've been thinking about what to write for a few days, but nothing really came to mind. I suppose this post would be a chatty-sit-down post. Enjoy!

*'The Amazing Spiderman 2' spoilers ahead*

Last week, I went with a friend to watch The Amazing Spiderman 2. I absolutely loved it for several reasons, one of them being getting to see Emma Stone on-screen. I admire how she can go from goofy and lighthearted ('Easy A') to her serious, passionate character Gwen Stacy in this movie. That aside, her outfits were stunning and her makeup impeccable. Emma Stone has a great sense of style herself, and I loved her latest Met Gala 2014 outfit.

Furthermore, Dane Dehaan was a pretty killer Green Goblin (no pun intended!). It's so interesting to see the contrast of when James Franco was the Green Goblin many years ago, to Dane Dehaan's interpretation. In this movie, Harry Osborn is a rich, hipster kid (those glasses!), which suits the setting of New York City so much better. I have to say Harry is a pretty messed-up character, and Dane Dehaan pulled that off pretty well. Many of the roles that he's done in the past all seem to be the "it's complicated" type of people (Lucien Carr in 'Kill your Darlings', Andrew Detmer in 'Chronicle'). Moreover, Dane Dehaan has been photographed for Prada twice, and he kills it in high fashion clothing.

The last part of the movie wrecked me. I already knew Gwen Stacy's death was coming, but then actually seeing it was just really saddening. I didn't just cry; I wept. There was a pre-death cry, a during-death cry, then a post-death cry. Long story short, my face was all puffy when we came out of the cinema, and it wasn't because of the popcorn we had. Pictures of Gwen's death and Peter Parker trying to save her have been splattered all over tumblr, and it is not ok :( Is it just me who has an emotional attachment to fictional characters?

Nonetheless, I enjoyed the movie and cannot wait for the next one to come out in 2016!

P.S. I am SO ok with Mary Jane Watson being Emma Stone with red hair. Just saying.

So back to the present: I'm incredibly sick of the weather, I'm not even kidding. Everyday for the past week, it's been humid. For me, that means frizzy hair, wet walls, my shower towel never drying, the mirrors getting steamed up every single time I shower... The most annoying part of this is when I need to print out homework. The paper is already soft, and the ink bleeds through everywhere like nobody's business. It's especially annoying when I'm printing out pictures, because it's a total pain to cut them out while trying to avoid smearing the ink everywhere and folding/creasing them. UGH. It has also been raining heavily, and the black rainstorm warnings come at the worst of times. The thunder and lightning come at night, making it impossible to sleep, then has the nerve to disappear in the morning, meaning I go to school looking and feeling like a zombie :(

Today has been a pretty chill day. We went out for hotpot, came home, did some homework. Since it's getting nearer to the end of term, the threat of tests and homework continues to pile up. I am pretty terrified of what's coming next, but the only thing I can do is revise and study.

haven't taken a polaroid in a while :)

If you've managed to reach the end, thank for reading my review/rant/update. I had a lot of things to say about TASM2 and couldn't keep it in. I really loved the movie and it's one of the best I've seen this year.

Once again, happy Mother's day to mothers everywhere!

That's all for today. Have a good day/night!

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