Monday, May 26, 2014

Seoul Haul

Hey guys :)

So the stupidest thing happened to me today: I sneezed in class, and had a sudden mega-nosebleed. The worst part was that we were in the middle of writing a practice exam-style Chinese essay. UGH, I'm still cringing :/

Anyways, I'm back from Korea! Ok, technically I came home last night but only now have I gotten the chance to write. As promised from last week, I have a haul of what I purchased in Korea. Here goes!

The most exciting purchase first, no? AHHHH I love these Toms sososo much! The shop had a ton of styles, and I really wanted to get the blue ombre crochet pair. But, I own a lot of blue-green clothing so I probably wouldn't get much wear out of them. This pair has a more neutral colour palette and I look forward to wearing them out.

If you've seen my post from a few weeks ago, you'll know I use innisfree skincare products. I purchased a night cream and everyday lotion because I was running out, and I really like the green tea line. I haven't previously used these products so I hope they moisturize my skin well. 

Surprisingly, I didn't buy too many accessories in Korea even though I had expected myself to go overboard. I bought these earrings to use as pushpins for my cork board which I bought, maybe last month? I find that it adds something to the plain frame, without having to actually decorate the frame. The cork board will most likely appear in a future post, if anyone wants to see it. Oh, and these earrings were from Naughty Cat, a chain store of accessories which you can find scattered all over Seoul. They were only 1000 (HKD 7.6) per pair. Score!

Rings from Naughty Cat and Forever 21

To be honest, maybe I did go a teeny bit overboard with the nail products. I just had a long list of stuff I wanted to purchase, and luckily I managed to find them all. 

Black and white polishes from Holika Holika
Sally Hansen Insta-dri top coat from Olive Young (I have been looking for this for ages!)
Laneige sheer blue tint polish from Atrium

I was especially excited when I picked up the blue tint polish because it reminded me of the OPI Sheer Tints, only it was a lot less expensive.

Black nail striper from The Face Shop
#41 navy nail polish from innisfree
Modi Quick Dryer drops and Nail Polish Thinner from Atrium

Sometimes in beauty stores, they have insane buy one get one offers. It just so happened that the period of which we went to Korea, Modi in Atrium was having a buy one get one offer on all their products. I was in need of a nail polish thinner because some of my nail polish had gone gloopy, and I considered getting the Seche Vite one, only I wasn't sure I wanted to pay that much. I was so glad when I found the thinner in Korea, and it was very affordable considering I was getting two bottles. 

Hair ties from Olive Young

Hand cream from innisfree

Nail polish remover in cream form from A'pieu

Petit Art perfume mist in Pure Yellow by Tony Moly

I absolutely love the packaging on the bottle! I also own the Fresh Green scent of this line, and it has a really cool vintage graphic of Lana del Rey.

Two more things before I end this post:
1. I have a tumblr now!
I recently decided to join the madness that we call tumblr. I did own an account in the past but I didn't really do anything on it, so I deleted it and started fresh. Follow me?

2. Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D is freaking amazing!
God, every single episode is like watching a Marvel movie and it keeps me on the edge of my seat. There's so much action and there are so many plot twists. I especially like FitzSimmons :) I really, really hope this show gets picked up for more seasons after the second season ends!

That's all for today. I'm super tired now as I didn't get much sleep last night. Have a good day/night!

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