Monday, January 27, 2014

DIY: Silver Star Jar

Hey guys :)

I am the WORST at keeping promises. I know I was supposed to post last week but things have popped up, like getting sick (curse the flu season!) and MOVING!

I'm still in HK but we moved to a slightly bigger place. I've now got my own desk and I desperately need ideas to jazz it up. Right now, it's pretty boring with a few textbooks and a penholder. Blaugh. So here today I have a DIY for you! I've been searching around Instagram for ideas and I came across this tutorial from @loveteenblog (BTW, go follow them/her/him, the account is awesome!):

Coincidentally, my mum brought home this empty glass jar and my head was like, do itttt, DO ITTTTT.

Haha so I did :)

You will need:
1. paint of your choice (colour-wise and type - poster, spray)
2. a glass jar
3. masking tape or label paper
4. tweezers
5. a paintbrush
6. scissors
7. space to paint and newspaper to cover your surface

1. I started with cutting stars from masking tape, then sticking them onto the jar. If you are using label paper, it is essentially the same process. Each star was a different size which I like, but it is totally up to you. Stick them sporadically around. 

2. Coat your jar in paint. Wait at least 5 minutes between each coat. My paint (silver poster paint) wasn't that good so I had to do quite a few.

3. Ensure some quality dry time.

4. Before letting your last coat dry, peel the stars off using tweezers. This is better to do now than after the paint has dried, in case you rip of some paint during the process.

5. You're done!

Don't mind my things in the background :)

Yes, it is that easy! You may want to add a clear coat on top to protect the paint. I absolutely love this DIY; it looks adorable alone or with books. The paint didn't go on as smooth as I thought it would, but it gave the creation a rustic, vintage feel. My sister suggested I put fake flowers in it, which I will probably pick up when I go to Ikea sometime this week. 

Another interpretation of this could be using a shallow cup and putting a LED candle in it. Cute!

Once again, I am SO sorry for the neglect of my blog! Hopefully I won't be as sick/lazy/busy next time to post something for you to see. I want to do more DIYs because they are fun to do and I love sharing ideas with people.

That's all for today. Have a good day/night!

How do you decorate your desk? Comment down below and don't forget to follow Love From Icy on Bloglovin!

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