Monday, January 13, 2014

Music I Listen to for Studying

Hey guys :)

I know, I haven't been posting like I said I would :( Have you ever been eaten up by homework? This is certainly not the first time for me. Everyday is literally work, study, shower, repeat.

Speaking of studying, music is something that gets me through it quickly. Lately, I've been discovering new-to-me songs on 8tracks. I joined in October last year when my sister introduced me to it. It's a really cool place where basically people can upload playlists. You can search for certain ' tags' which allow you to find playlists according to your taste. I've been listening to indie rock/pop bands since December to 'explore' different genres. Don't get me wrong, pop music is awesome (um, Demi Lovato and Cher Lloyd? YES.), but it can be repetitive. Also, my guitar teacher has been egging me to listen to songs with more guitar-y stuff in it e.g. solos, techniques.

I have probably searched up the tags ' indie rock'  and 'alternative' more than a hundred times. The songs I find are great for studying, chilling, jamming out, and even getting you to sleep at night. Bands I'm loving right now are the Arctic Monkeys ('Mardy Bum' is definitely my favourite song right now!), The 1975, and Two Door Cinema Club.

Right now's playlist :)

If you haven't used 8tracks, definitely check it out. It really is worth using and downloading on your device (warning: it has to be connected to the internet to be used). Apple users click here and Android users here for details.

That's all for today. Have a good day/night!

Any songs/playlists do you suggest I listen to? Comment down below!

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