Monday, January 6, 2014

52 Week Money Challenge

Hey guys :)

I'm sorry for not posting for a couple of days :( school has started up again from Christmas break and the dreaded homework monster is bacccckkkkk. From now, I'll probably post a few times a week, rather than post daily like I did for... a few days. Ha. Yeah.

Anyways, if you're a Pinterest lover, you may have seen the 52 Week Money Saving Challenge.
click on it to enlarge!

Basically, the main idea is to start with $1, then the next week you add $2, and so on until you meet the 52 week/year, let's say, requirement

I actually genuinely want to attempt to complete this challenge. If you know me, you will probably be reading this thinking, "HAHAHAHAHA... no." I admit, I will most likely not complete this challenge because a. I am a shopoholic, and b. my commitment level to long term things is almost non-existent. 

So far, I am on the $1 stage. Pretty good for even attempting it :D Tomorrow, I will be putting in $2 *cue Beethoven's Symphony No. 5*

Really short post, but that's it for today :) Have a good day/night!

Are you going to do this challenge? Comment down below!

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