Friday, February 21, 2014

DIY: Sponge Nail Remover

Hey guys :)

Here I have another DIY for you today! However, I'm going to take a break from the desk decor and turn towards the 'beauty' DIYs. This DIY is a sponge nail remover, as the title says. It is an easy way to remove your nail polish without cotton pads and whatnot. I was inspired to make this by these empty paint pots I found in my drawer. It's an awesome little project you can make for yourself or for a gift, and it includes recycling which is always good.

Last week, I had my nails painted in OPI's Black Cherry Chutney (my absolute favourite OPI shade!). Like all manicures, it started to chip days later. It was so not a good look and I had to get rid of it, stat. The chipping looks more extreme in this picture because I sort of... peeled it off... don't do that guys! Peeling off nail polish can peel off the thin protective layers on your nail, weakening them and making them gross :(

You will need:
1. an empty jar that can fit a finger
2. washing up sponges
3. nail polish remover
4. a pen or something sharp

1. To start off, wash your jar. I had to wash out all the paint from it because the jar contained poster paints. When washing the jar, use something to scrub out add the dirt and excess.

2. With your washing up sponge(s), peel off the green layer that you would use to scrub the dishes. We only need the soft spongy part.

3. Tear up your sponge(s) and stuff them into the jar until it is full. Use your pen or sharp object to puncture a hole through the middle.

4. Pour the nail polish remover into the jar a little bit each time. The sponges will soak up the remover, and you don't want your finger to be swimming in remover when you dip it in. Pour up to three quarters of the jar. 

5. Dip your finger into the sponge, twisting and turning to clean the polish off.

6. Clean the rest of the polish off and you are done!

My nails are uber short and fat, and it is a constant struggle for me to paint them :(

I absolutely love this DIY as it is extremely useful. The jar I used was pretty small, and it is the perfect size to put into my bag or use when travelling. To jazz up the jar, I stuck ombré letter stickers with the phrase "Love you". Another idea could be to wrap some twine around it, and attach some charms. 

That's all for today. Have a good day/night!

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