Sunday, February 9, 2014

Monthly Music Favourites: January 2014

Hey guys :)

To start off, let me clarify: I love music. Always have, always will. I dance and play the piano and guitar, which might be where my passion for music comes from. I thought I would do a music favourites so I can share what I've been loving every month. The list will include artists, particular songs, or both. You may know that I am an avid user of 8tracks, and it has presented to me amazing music!

This will be for January and I know it's already February, but we can use our imagination together to time travel back :)

1. Jake Bugg
What a revelation! I vaguely remember listening to him a year ago and I was like, meh. However, I have fallen for his singing style. Songs I love are 'Two Fingers', 'Slumville Sunrise', and 'Lightning Bolt'. He definitely reminds me of the Beatles, only he's more street-y to me. Makes total sense ;) If you like the Beatles, check him out!

2. San Cisco
GAHHHHHHHH. 'Fred Aistaire' is just the best song. It's a mix of indie pop and swing, which is the perfect combo. San Cisco's songs are so happy and dance-y, and they will definitely pick you up when you're down. Mad at someone? Sing along to 'Awkward' or 'No Friends', and you will feel a lot better!

3. The 1975
'Girls' is my favourite song from this band. Enough said. I don't particularly like the music video, but the song itself is great!

I'm not the best at describing my thoughts on these bands/songs. All I can really say I highly recommend all of them. Even if you're not into the indie pop/rock, give it a try. An 8tracks user said, "Once you go indie, you can never go back," or something like that, and I have to say it's true!

That's all for today. Have a great day/night!

What music are you loving this month? Leave a comment down below and don't forget to follow Love From Icy on Bloglovin!

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