Sunday, February 16, 2014


Hey guys :)

Yep, my post is late. AGAIN. I've been stuck in a rut lately, and I'm really not sure what to write. I wanted to do a nail polish remover DIY but a. I literally just painted my nails, and b. I've already done a few DIYs in a row. So today's will be a chatty post; just an update on how things are going :)

Have you seen today's news? The annual Standard Chartered Marathon happened today and there was A LOT going on. A few people fainted, which was really sad, but at least they completed the marathon. Good for them :) There were crazy costumes, such as Rilakkuma the bear, the Monkey King, and Batman (they must have been roasting in those costumes!), and there was even a marriage proposal from one of the guys that finished the marathon. It was a total awwwwww moment!

Today I visited the Hong Kong Museum of History, where there was a cheongsam exhibition. A cheongsam is basically a traditional-style Chinese dress. The museum displayed all sorts; plain, printed, embellished. I love fashion and when I found out the exhibition was running, I definitely had to go! The exhibition was pretty small, which I have to admit was a littleee disappointing, but there were so many cheongsams on display. One that caught my eye was a black one, with a phoenix made out of sequins on the front. 

This particular cheongsam was worn by pop artist Teresa Tung. The sequins totally represent what pop music was like then in the 1970s and 80s [in Hong Kong]: fun, colourful, playful. 

I have been trying to keep my New Year's resolution of keeping fit. Yesterday, I discovered this app called Seven Minute Workout. It's a cool app where you can chose a long or short workout to do. They track your progress, and the better you do, the more bonuses you can unlock. I did the 7:50 minute workout twice this morning, and I have to say, it did keep me going. For this workout, there are 12 exercises to do, such as squats, push-ups, sit-ups, and planking. The exercises are planned in 30 second intervals, and they give you a 10 second rest in between each interval. A voice-over guides you through the workouts to keep you motivated, and for some reason they have Alli Simpson. If you are looking for a workout app, I would definitely recommend this. BTW, it's free!

That's all for today. Not much, but it was a chance to get the creative mind working and running :) Have a good day/night!

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