Wednesday, April 8, 2015

DIY: Marker Mug

Hello all!

How are you all doing? We're into the second week of Easter break and I have not done ANY work. Most of my time has been spent lazing around at home, while my Science textbook and English essay sits, untouched, on my desk. ARGH! 

I'm back this week with another DIY. I wanted to pick up a new mug, since I've been consuming more tea lately, but the designs out there just weren't cutting it. They just seemed so generic! Today's DIY will teach you how to make a super-cute, customisable mug.

You will need:

  • a mug
  • an oil-based permanent marker
  • alcohol
  • an oven
  • cotton pads and cotton buds
Let's get started!

1. Clean your mug to get rid of any dirt or residue. Where you're going to draw, clean that area with some rubbing alcohol.

2. Now it's time for your imagination to flow! I went for a Kingsman quote to express my undying love for the movie, but it's really up to you. The design can be as intricate as you want. Not a very good artist? Try typography, like I did.
*As a bonus, I also wrote inside the mug.
3. After drawing your design once, let the ink dry. When it has dried, go over your design. The ink will fade slightly when baked in the oven, so keep that in mind when designing.

4. Place your mug into a cold oven. Set the temperature at 220 ºc for 45 minutes. You want your mug in there before it gets hot so the mug can heat up with the oven to prevent cracking.

5. When the mug has finished baking, let it cool and repeat the baking process. This ensures the design will stay on the mug.

6. After the mug has cooled for the second time, you are done!

A lot of people have attempted this DIY and didn't get the results desired. Here are some tips to ensure that you do:
  • Buy a cheap mug, where the glaze is thin. If you pick up an expensive mug, chances are the glaze is very well done and thick. If the glaze is too thick, the marker won't be able to penetrate it when the mug is being baked.
  • Go with an oil-based permanent marker. I'm not too sure on why it's better than a regular permanent marker, but it stays on better on the mug.
  • Contrary to other tutorials, 175 ºc isn't hot enough for the ink to penetrate the mug. 220 ºc should do the trick.
And there you have it! I've super pleased with my mug and now I can drink my tea with style. A personalised mug makes an awesome gift, and it just so happens that Mother's Day is approaching soon!

Bye for now! x

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