Sunday, April 12, 2015

So I've Been Watching Movies Lately...

While this Easter allowed me to rest, it also gave me time to catch up on the few movies I missed in the cinema. During my time in school I had my weekends reserved for studying and didn't have the time to go out. When the holidays came round I downloaded these movies onto my laptop one by one, and watched them within several nights. Overall I watched The Theory of Everything, Cinderella, Insurgent, and Whiplash.

*warning* spoilers ahead!

The Theory of Everything
This was the first movie that kickstarted my watching this break. I had been wanting to watch this movie for a longggg time, with my friend egging me to watch it because it was that good. Even though I lack interest in Science, the trailer immediately got me hooked. The Theory of Everything tells the story of Stephen Hawking and his ex-wife Jane Wilde, how they met, and how they managed Hawking's disease. I'm no professional film critic, but I thought the acting was incredible. Eddie Redmayne conveyed the various stages of the disease very well through his acting, and it really brought the scenario to life. The movie also made me want to live during that time period, as I have quite the fascination with the 60s.

one of my favourite scenes from the movie - that May Ball was so dreamy!

I had no plan to watch Cinderella, but ended up doing so and loving it! Maybe it's because I'm a sucker for a fairytale and a happy ending, but it included a good moral message that was really emphasised. I thought it was a good thing, considering 98% of the house I was in consisted of younger girls; it also served as a reminder to the rest of us aged 12+ viewers. Lily James played a gorgeous Cinderella and Richard Madden was the perfect prince!

To be honest, I thought Insurgent could've been better. Wait, wait, before you Divergent fans come after me, hear me out. I have never read the books, mainly because I've heard too many spoilers about the series, especially the ginormous one from Allegiant. I watched Divergent and thought it was pretty good. The dystopia theme has been used throughout so many YA books, but the concept of factions intrigued me. Tris was a decent protagonist, too. The storyline was interesting and I was excited to continue it in Insurgent. But, Insurgent wasn't the best. I know movies have that linger-too-long stare for dramatic effect, and I can usually bear them, but they were a little annoying in this movie. And there were quite a few stares. 

From the movie, Caleb stood out to me. I felt so sorry for him and what he was going through throughout; he didn't have the ability to fight anyone or survive in more hectic environments. When Tris, Four and Caleb jumped onto the train and got attacked by the factionless, Caleb had to defend himself by attacking the factionless who was attacking him (whew, take a second to process that!). His moment of disbelief and regret really spoke to me because it was clear that harming another person made him feel uncomfortable and guilty. I don't blame him for not helping Tris on the train, or siding with Jeanine; he just wasn't capable of combat or killing, nor did he want to fight or kill.

This has got to be the most artsy, indie movie I have ever watched. It's a movie where they didn't delve in too deep on backgrounds and history, and everything was very in-the-moment. It didn't leave me too attached which I thought was a good spin, but I do wish they gave more detail on Terence Fletcher's background.

It has also got to be the most distressing, harrowing movie that I have ever watched. Seeing Andrew get bullied by Fletcher was absolutely horrifying, but I couldn't pull my eyes away from the screen. It saddened me that even though he was just in a car crash, Andrew's mind was on getting to the competition venue on time and performing on stage. There was a scene where it cut to the hi-hat covered in sweat and blood; it really got to me. Andrew's determination and resilience is definitely something to be admired. Call me crazy, but I kind of understand why Andrew continued his drumming even though Fletcher went all throw-a-chair-I'll-beat-you-the-eff-up crazy.

Overall, I quite liked Whiplash.

Those have been the movies I watched over Easter break! School starts tomorrow and I am genuinely petrified for what's about to come: mocks, assessments, tests, bluagh. Wish me luck!

I'll see you soon! x

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