Sunday, October 26, 2014

October Favourites

Hey guys!

It's time for my October favourites! October was a pretty chill month; the weather got colder (as I keep mentioning), I made a ukelele during CAS week and my family and I went to Japan during half-term break.

Again, like last month, I'm starting with the biggest favourite of October: a TV show. It's called 'In The Flesh' and it's a BBC Three show. A friend introduced it to me a few weeks back and I've lost my head over it. The show is about zombies (Partially Deceased Syndrome sufferers) but it doesn't contain the typical gory element. It has a very original plot with a realistic insight on problems that people face today (depression, suicide etc).

There are a whole range of characters; you have your tormented individuals, a few bad guys, the supportive ones, the not-so supportive ones. I really do think Luke Newberry is a good actor, and he portrays Kieren Walker well. I don't want to spoil anymore because I want you guys to watch it for yourselves :)

But I just have to say Simon and Kieren have been aded to my ongoing list of OTPs, alongside April and Andy, and Captain Swan.

ITF only has two seasons and it's on the verge of cancellation, which would suck since they left season 2 off with a cliffhanger. If you watch the show already, continue to spread round #saveintheflesh, and if you're new to it go watch it and go give it some love and support.

I would also like to add 'American Horror Story' to this months favourites. I'm usually not that into the horror genre but I guess the Halloween spirit has gotten to me! 'Asylum' was a particularly good season, and I'm excited for what 'Freak Show' has to bring. So far Twisty has a very deranged sense of fun, with all the kid-kidnapping and whatnot.

American Horror Story: Freak Show NEW POSTER!
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Music favourites

1. Union J
I remember last Winter when I obsessed over Union J. I supported them through their X-Factor journey and when their album came out I immediately purchased the deluxe edition. As the year went on my passion for the boyband died down. For some reason watching ITF got me back into them. Possibly because Luke Newberry looks a bit like George Shelley, and ITF and Union J are both English... They came out with a new single 'You Got It All' last week but my favourite track has to be 'Where Are You Now' from their first album. I feel like it reflects the whole Siren OTP right now because it's on that 50/50 line. Anything that connects to my OTPs is good! 

2. 'Midnight Kiss' - Propellers
I found this gem hidden in one of the 8tracks playlists I was listening to a while back. It's one of those songs that you can't help bobbing your head along to. Finding this song to download was a problem because I couldn't find the band on iTunes - it's possible they don't have one. But back to the point: really good song with both thumbs up from me.

3. 'Thinking Out Loud' - Ed Sheeran
Wow. If you've seen the music video for this track, you'll know what I mean. The dancing is flawless and Ed Sheeran surprised me; all this time I thought he was just a guy with a guitar. Apparently not! Great song with a beautiful music video to accompany it.

4. Gabrielle Aplin
'English Rain' has been on constant shuffle while I've been studying or sleeping. It has a nice, relaxing vibe to it with soothing tunes and poetic lyrics. My favourites out of the album are 'Please Don't Say You Love Me', 'November' and 'Panic Cord'. 

Other favourites

1. This necklace
I found this rose gold A necklace online and bought it because a. A for Andy and April and b. I'm still into simple chain necklaces! The rose gold makes it very dainty and it stands out from the typical gold and silver.

2. Barley tea
Months ago I discovered barley tea in City Super and it immediately became my favourite drink. They stopped selling it a while after and I was like aw. In Japan, however, it was available everywhere. It has a rice-like flavour to it with a sweet aftertaste, slightly similar brown rice tea. 

3. This purse
I purchased this Rip Curl Pharaoh purse from Zalora after my old one broke and I'm quite impressed with it. It's roomy enough to fit all my things but isn't bulky at all. I really like the design that's pressed onto the front; it's decorative and simple. Zalora shipping only took a couple of days and the quality of the purse is good. I would recommend Zalora because they sell brands that are not easily accessible in HK, they have a wide range of products and shipping is free over $150!

4. Maybelline Baby Lips Electro in 'Oh! Orange!'
Two of the Electro Baby Lips are now available in Hong Kong. The Maybelline stalls have started selling 'Pink Shock' and 'Oh! Orange!'. Being an avid consumer of Baby Lips, I was eager to get my hands on 'Oh! Orange!'. The colour of it may seem overwhelming but on the lips it is a nice coral-y tint. It's a perfect product for someone who can't commit to bold colours and needs a moisturising product (aka yours truly), and for $29 this tinted lip balm can't be beat.

I love writing these posts so much, I've already started thinking about next months favourites! Anyways, have a good day and I'll see you next week xx

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