Sunday, November 2, 2014

Japan Haul

Hey guys :)

Last week I went to Osaka with my family for term break and I went shopping there. We visited a few cool places like Tokyu Hands (up till the trip I had been calling it Tokyo Hands) and Shinsaibashi. The shopping bug struck me and I couldn't help myself because I, like most others, am a hard-core shopper and consumer of... things.

Before I start I would like to say I am in no way showing off about what I have purchased. Just wanted to clear that up!

Starting off with the most exciting purchase: a polaroid printer. I decided to purchase this because the day we went the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, the exposure went crazy on all my polaroid pictures due to the sun. With the printer, you can use your phone to take and pick the photos to print. The outcome is a high-def polaroid that maintains the vintage quality of polaroid cameras.

Another exciting purchase: an iPod nano. I really needed an iPod to store my growing music collection and my phone was running out of storage (curse you mysterious Other storage that I can't get rid of!). Space grey seemed like a nice colour for the iPod so I went with that. It's such a funny little electronic, so different to the iPod nanos of the past. Truthfully I prefer the 4th or 5th generation nanos but unfortunately they don't sell that anymore. 

'Midnight Kiss' on repeat!

Japan is basically Stationery Wonderland. In Y5 I was seriously obsessed with stationery. I hauled 3-4 pencil cases to school everyday, filled with gel pens, glitter pens, felt tips and other unnecessary bits and bobs. I do like stationery now but I'm not as crazy about it as I was back then. Still, in Japan I had to fight off the urges to buy pens, lead pencils and notebooks. Japan takes stationery to a whole other level. In Hong Kong you get the basics with a few gems. In Japan you are exposed to the whole treasure chest. I luckily managed to restrain myself and did not buy fifteen pens.

L-R: Pilot Acroball, Zebra Colour Flight, Bic ballpoint pen

The same happens with pencil cases. I found this one in Tokyu Hands, and it was slightly less expensive in HK so I justified buying it.

You all know I am a lip balm hoarder. The selection in Japan was incredible but I narrowed it down to two; of course one of them had to be a Baby Lips lip balm (the berry flavoured one with a limited edition Fashion Week tube), the other a mint-scented Shiseido lip balm. The packaging of these two are one point!

A crystal nail file

In Monki I picked up this set of coloured bobby pins. Coloured bobby pins are in right now, and I really like the rose gold ones. 

missglamorazzi recently came out with a video on how to style coloured bobby pins so check it out!

Near our hotel was a ginormous Forever 21. My brain nearly shut down with excitement when I got there because it really was a shopper's paradise; it was huge. The decor was also really nice and everything was set up well. I picked up several accessories there because they have a wide range for not that expensive. 

These ear cuffs are slightly different to the normal ear cuff. These ones have a part for your standard piercing but than goes up the cartilage. I'm always up for trying new accessory trends because you never know when you'll find one that suits your style. Speaking of accessory trends, I keep seeing the hand band on the internet. Seems pretty cool!

Aside from simple chain necklaces, I have recently started wearing crystal point necklaces. They are so fun and tumblr-y.

I also purchased two sweaters; one a nice, warm rust colour and another one in a grey-tinted mint.

That is all for today's haul! I stayed up late last night to watch 'The First Time' for the first time (heh) so I'm preettyy tired. I'm going to end it here but I'll see you guys next week xx

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