Sunday, June 15, 2014

DIY: Collage Phone Case

Hey guys :)

First off, the past few weeks I have been crazy-busy with science revision. I did the end-of-year assessent a few days ago and now I feel FREE.

But tomorrow I have a Chinese exam. Whyyyyy.

Secondly, happy Father's Day to all dads out there! I would like to thank my dad for being supportive of everything that I do, and I love him very much! Unfortunately he wasn't here today to celebrate with us as he's on a business trip, but I send my love

Anyways, I have not done a DIY in almost two months! Today I have a DIY collage phone case, inspired by my many hours of procrastination on tumblr. I have been obsessively going through my dashboard, clicking through hashtags, reblogging, the usual jist on tumblr :)

Let's get started!

You will need:
1. Microsoft Word (or any other program where you can arrange photos)
2. pictures of your choice
3. a clear phone case
4. a cutter and cutting mat
5. a pencil and ruler

1. Firstly, you've got to find the pictures you want for your collage. You can use any: personal pics of you and your friends or family, photography, patterns... I like to search up 'grunge', 'vintage', 'indie' and 'girly' on tumblr; they usually give me the best results. You can check out my tumblr for inspo ;) Check out We Heart It and Pinterest, they have cool pics on them too. Remember to choose pics with a higher resolution or when you print them out they'll be super pixelated. 

2. Start up Microsoft Word or your choice of program and open up a blank page. You'll want to change the size of the page to fit your phone. I have a iPhone 5S so I made my page 6.4 cm by 12.9 cm. If you have a different device, measure your device's length and width, then add a few millimeters to both numbers, just to give yourself some room when you start cutting. 

3. Print it out and you'll be ready to start.

4. There are several ways in which you can get the shape that you need. One, you can directly trace your device onto the collage. The second way is only if your case came with a paper structure in the shape of your device. In my case (no pun intended!) it did, so I used that to trace.

5. So you've got the shape done. Next you'll have to cut the camera hole. With your case, line the collage up to the appropriate place and trace the hole. Use a cutter to cut it out. 

6. Fit the collage into the case and you're done!

This DIY is definitely my favourite out of all the other ones I've done! I love how you can customize all the pictures. I made another collage and a few other designs with a single larger image.

If you choose to recreate this, I would absolutely love to see it! You can instagram it and tag me @icygirl79, tweet me @icygirl79, or message me on tumblr (link is above) :)

Hope you've enjoyed today's post! That's all for today, have a good day/night!

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