Sunday, June 22, 2014

Review: Baby Lips in Grape Vine #20

Hey guys :)

How have you been doing? School is almost out and I am dying for summer. There are so many things I want to do, such as go on more walks, catch up on my reading, and do more DIY posts! Today's post is a review on a Baby Lips lip balm in Grape Vine #20.

Yesterday I went to Dude's. Again :) They had started selling the Baby Lips Dr. Rescue lip balms and I wanted to try them out because I am obsessed with Baby Lips. When I was in Dude's, I was looking through reviews of the Dr. Rescues. Many bloggers discouraged readers to purchase them, because of the smell, weak pigmentation, and cheap packaging. Grape Vine caught my eye and I was SO happy to find it. I have been wanting this particular Baby Lips for a really long time, but Dude's never seemed to have it in stock. Fortunately, there was one more on the shelve so I snapped that up.

Ok, first things first: the packaging. I am in love with it! I am a huge sucker for packaging just because. The bright teal and fuchsia compliment each other well, and the bright colour is perfect for summer. The tube is also really easy to manage, and it is compact enough to slip into a small bag or pocket.

Of course, I didn't only buy it for the packaging! When I first saw Grape Vine, I fell for the colour. For lip colours, I either like really pale pinks (like Cover Girl's Lip Perfection Jumbo Gloss Balm in Ballet Twist) or purple-y pinks. This lip balm fell in the purple-y pinks category; I would describe it as a mauve-y purple.

As you can see on my hand, the pigmentation is quite sheer. It was a lot more sheer than I thought, so that was a little bit disappointing *sad face*. Nonetheless, it would be a good colour for school because it's not too dark or purple, and it gives a flattering sheer wash of colour to my lips. 

Grape Vine is on the right, and next to it is Berry Bomb from the Baby Lips Electro collection. Berry Bomb is my absolute favourite out of all Baby Lips because I love how vibrant it is on my lips. It is definitely my holy grail, go-to lip product.

The lip balm claims to have a moisture-staying power of 8 hours. I'm not entirely sure on this account because I tend to reapply after 2-3 hours. I do like how moisturized my lips feel when I'm wearing it, and it doesn't have that gross, waxy texture many other lip balms have. Another awesome thing is that it smells like grape candy :)

So to sum it all up:
  • cute packaging
  • compact size
  • nice feeling on lips
  • good texture
  • yummy smell
  • not as pigmented as I had expected

Overall, I like this product. It didn't fully turn out the way I had expected it to be, but I still really like it. If you are looking for a lip product that is moisturizing and isn't too in-your-face, I would recommend Grape Vine!

My Baby Lips collection!

That's all for today, hope you enjoyed today's post. Have a good day/night!

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