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November Favourites

Hello there!

It is finally the end of November, which means I get to do my November favourites! This month has truly been full of ups and downs, and things got real busy. Today I'm going to be sharing what I have been loving throughout November.

For the past few months I started with my TV show of the month, so I'm just going to go with that.

TV Show favourite

'Selfie' on ABC

I found out about this show through Karen Gillian's wiki, when I went through that "Argh GOTG is amazing" period. It stars Gillian, who plays Eliza Dooley, a self-centred, media-obsessed girl, and John Cho as Henry Higgs, a marketing image guru who has no idea about social media. Eliza begs Henry to teach her how to be less narcissistic, and things happen along the way. After watching the pilot I immediately wanted more. It's that kind of chick flick-y, girly show that is fun to watch after a long day. Everything is upbeat and colourful, and I adore it. I have to add that Karen Gillian is so pretty! I was BEYOND disappointed when they cancelled the show only after seven episodes aired. Apparently there weren't enough views but I really don't understand how! Anyways watch those seven episodes if you can, and I'm sure you'll love the show!

Music favourites

1. '1989' - Taylor Swift
 Swifties unite! I can honestly say that this album has to be my favourite T-Swift album out of all; I actually prefer pop Taylor than country Taylor. It suits her changing style and the new tracks are well-written. My top 5 are (in no particular order):
1. New Romantics (this song reminded me of 'One Night in Winter' by Simon Sebag Montefiore; a lovely and really interesting book)
2. Style (I love the James Dean reference!)
3. Wonderland
4. Wildest Dreams
5. Blank Space 


2. 'RUN' - San Cisco
A very dance-able track with a catchy bass line, San Cisco won my heart over with the first listen. Alongside 'Fred Aistaire', 'RUN' is now one of my favourite songs of theirs. 

3. Drowners
I stumbled across this band through my many hours of Tumblr-surfing. Pictures of Matt Hitt were clogging up my dashboard and I decided to see what all the fuss was about. I'm very glad I did because Drowners is a seriously cool band. They have a vintage, The Strokes vibe to their music and 'Luv, Hold Me Down' quickly became a favourite.

4. 'Silly Boy' - The Blue Van
Not much to say; the song speaks for itself!

Other favourites

1. Peppermint Mocha
This season Starbucks did not bring back the Salted Caramel Mocha, but it did bring out the Peppermint Mocha. Peppermint is one of my favourites flavours, and mixing it with chocolate is just *heart eyes*. The perfect winter drink, complete with the Red Cup!

2. danisnotonfire
I've never done a person favourite before, but this month I have constantly been watching Dan Howell['s videos]. His videos are full of relatable comedy and are hilarious; I always find myself laughing out a snort whilst watching his videos, and then catching my family members giving me awkward looks. Thumbs up for that! He doesn't upload often so when he does it instantly puts a smile on my face. Also, his and AmazingPhil's The Sims 4 series is so funny!

 photo tumblr_nft2e6Sfz01tafy5lo1_1280_zps2oio3lht.gif

3. Bath and Body Work's Winter Bean Noel
I might've mentioned this in a previous post, but Winter Bean Noel is my all time B&BW scent. It smells like cookies with hints of musk and winter-y goodness. After a few days of using the lotion I really did notice a change in my skin; it was a lot more moisturised and smooth. I apply the lotion after I shower, and when I get ready in the mornings I spritz on the mist. By doing this, this mist refreshes the scent of the lotion from the night before without being too heavy. As a sucker for packaging, I really like the updated packaging of this scent.

4. 'The Maze Runner' series
After watching the first movie I decided to start reading the books. Once I started I could not stop! James Dashner has a very straightforward approach to his writing; everything is detailed but he doesn't dawdle. I enjoyed all three books and the movie very much, and cannot wait for 'The Scorch Trials' to be out.

That is all for my November favourites. It feels good to be writing more as I feel that this month's posts have been quite short. Tomorrow will be December 1st, which means Christmas and this blog's 1st birthday will be coming soon! I simply can't wait to see what December brings :)

Have a nice day xx

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