Sunday, December 7, 2014

DIY: Jewelled Beanie

Happy Sunday!

I've held this post back for so long since the weather hasn't been up for it, but it's now the first week into December and I think it's time. Today I have for you a jewelled beanie DIY, perfect to jazz up a basic winter bundled-up outfit whilst still keeping you nice and warm. I found these earrings on a sale rack during my trip to Japan, and I immediately fell for these eye-catching jewels. The earrings overall weren't exactly my style so I came up with this DIY.

You will need:
1. a beanie - found mine at Monki
2. jewels - this can be from broken pieces of jewellery or individual jewels
3. fabric adhesive
*optional* needle and thread, and wire cutters

Let's begin!

1. Detach your jewels from any chains or clasps. Take your jewels and lay them out on the edge of the beanie. Your aim here is to make sure they line the fold.

2. Glue down the jewels once you have positioned them in the correct places. I used F-6000 as I seem to have misplaced my bottle of E-6000, which works just as well.

3. You can stop here and just wait for a few hours for the glue to dry or for extra security sew the jewels onto the beanie.

4. You are done!

Another simple DIY for a chilled and chilly Sunday! These beanies are so easy to decorate and they make the perfect Christmas gift. You can use a beanie and jewels of the same colour, or use contrasting colours to make a statement. I'm thinking for my next beanie I could use a dark grey beanie with some mint jewels.

This week has been a rest week for me as I caught a cold. My nose is super chapped from all the blowing into tissues, and my skin is ridiculously dry. Boo :( I definitely need me some ultra hydrating cream or lotion to fix all that!

That's all from me today, have a good day xx

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