Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Summer Fun | Ryze HK

Hey guys!

Today my friends and I went to Ryze, the new trampoline park that recently opened in Quarry Bay. It was a fun and unique experience, because I've never been to anywhere like that before.

We went for a two hour session, which they call 'flights'. At the counter you sign in with a waiver, and instead of a ticket they give you a wrist band, its colour co-ordinating with the length of time of your session.

If you plan to visit Ryze, you may want to book ahead as many of the flights filled up quickly.

The room is split into several sections, with a dodgeball area, basketball area, and two foam pits.

It was extremely hard (for me at least!) to come out of the foam pit. Let me tell you, THE STRUGGLE IS REAL.

I have to say, the playlist blaring through the speakers really enhanced the atmosphere. We were all bouncing to the likes of Ariana Grande, Imagine Dragons, and Lorde. Even "All About That Bass" came on during our flight, and I was totally jamming out to it!

Overall, Ryze is a thumbs up from me. The environment is comfortable, the staff are friendly, and there is a lot of variation to the activity. If you haven't checked out Ryze yet, be sure to do so soon. 

321 Java Road, 3/F, Quarry Bay
Hong Kong

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Have a good day xx

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