Sunday, July 27, 2014

July Favourites

Hey guys!

We're now edging towards the end of July so it means it's time for another Monthly Favourites!

Music favourites

1. "Something I Need" by OneRepublic
I really enjoyed "Counting Stars" but was over hearing it everywhere, so I decided to explore more into OneRepublic's 'Native'. "Something I Need" is one of my favourite tracks off that album, and although I knew about it for a little while, only now has the obsession kicked in.

3. "To Build A Home" by The Cinematic Orchestra
When I first heard this song in 'Step Up Revolution', I fell in love. The dance was incredible, and the song is too. There are many layers to the texture, and I like how a sort of tension is built up throughout the song.

3. "The Moon Song" by Karen O
This is the number one song on my 'Sleep' playlist. It's such a romantic, slow song that gets you to sleep in a good way, not an ugh-it's-so-boring way.

Oh, and do be sure to check out this couple's cover of the song. The fact that they specially wore vintage-y clothing for this video makes it even more special!

TheNerdandtheBird on YouTube
I apologise for not inserting the video right here, but the YouTube search engine for blogger cannot seem to find it :(
Make sure you go subscribe to their channel, they don't upload that often but when they do you won't be disappointed!

Saving the best for last...

4. "All About That Bass" by Meghan Trainor
OHMYGOSH. The first time I heard it, the song blew me away. The first time I downloaded it, I had to listen to it three times in a row for it to sink in. The lyrics are meaningful, but not too serious; the beat is pretty catchy, and the music video is so lively ((it's all like *pink Barbie explosion*) (is Lime Crime involved with it?)). Honestly I can't even begin to describe how much I adore this song, so listen to it yourself down below :)

Other favourites

1. This pair of shoes
I bought this pair of shoes from H&M towards the end of last month, intending to wear them for school. They turned out to be extremely comfortable, and I am actually obsessed with the style. I do quite like laceups, but what really had me wearing these out of school on numerous occasions is the material that they are made of. The picture isn't clear on capturing it, but they are made out up this subtle crochet material. The textile itself it nice and soft, not scratchy. 

From far away, they seem like plain black laceups, but up close you can see the crochet detail. With the style and material, these shoes are a little bit girly, a little boho, and slightly preppy. They are perfect for me because I feel that I haven't developed my own style yet. I love these shoes SO much that I even picked up another pair for when this one breaks!

2. The Sims 3
I have always been a fan of The Sims; there is something strangely interesting in controlling the people of a town! My sister helped me find this hidden gem in HK Records early this month and I snapped it up as this was the last copy. The Sims 3 is not much different to The Sims 2, which I used to play, but I have no experience with any of the extension packs, so I am still trying to figure those out.

3. This pouch
This month I visited Ocean Park with a group of friends and carried smaller bags. The one thing they both have in common: they require a small purse because 1. a big purse is far too much hassle and 2. I haven't got space for anything chunky (I adore my purse but in some ways it resembles a brick). I picked this pouch up from Cotton On during a shopping trip with one of my friends, and it has been a lifesaver. It is big enough to fit all the necessities like cash, my octopus card, I.D. card, and student card, yet small and slim enough to slip into a crossbody. The neon pink contrasts nicely against the metallic grunge-y silver, and for $39 I thought it was a good purchase.

4. My Mac 
For several years have I wanted a Mac, for several reasons such as the sleek chrome design, the software much more compatible with my iPhone, and all of the useful apps that come along with it. I also prefer the interface of Macs than to PCs, and the quality of the resolution is much better. 

It is currently 12:44 am; I started typing this post up two and a half hours ago and my battery is about to die, but I finally got it done!

Going along the theme of "All About That Bass"~

And by 'it', I mean all the negative things, whether it be haters, unhappiness, stress, or even 'stick-figure silicone Barbie dolls'. Stay happy!

See you here next week for mini posts on weekdays and a main post on Sunday xx

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