Thursday, July 28, 2016

Colourpop Creme Gel Liners

colourpop creme gel liner

Let me tell you right off the bat that I wasn't really into pencil or any stick-form eyeliners. I found them difficult to manoeuvre and disaster ensued whenever I attempted to draw the simplest of lines across my eyelids. 

As a fan of KathleenLights on YouTube, I am constantly exposed to Colourpop videos and tutorials. A while back she created this stunning makeup look, using the creme gel liner in Zulu. Intrigued by the bright mermaid-esque teal, I decided to try out my luck by ordering some liners. 

colourpop creme gel liner

The colours I picked up are (from top to bottom): Zulu, Dirty Talk, Get Paid, HoneyDude. Zulu is described as vivid pastel sea foam green; Dirty Talk a soft metallic gold; Get Paid a metallic rose gold; HoneyDude a creamy warm nude. 

colourpop creme gel liner

I ended up loving these liners! They are so smooth and pigmented, and lining my eyes did not end up with me in tears. Whether I'm lining my lids or waterline, they apply extremely well. Did I mention they're waterproof? Perfect for the icky summer days and my sweaty af dance classes.  My absolute favourites have to be Zulu and Get Paid, but honestly I love them all. When payday swings round, I am determined to get my hands on more shades!

Colourpop now offers shipping to Hong Kong, but truth be told it is considerably pricey. I bought my liners off of an Instagram store that helps transport US products to HK. If you check out the hashtag #colourpophk, you'll find a handful of accounts that sell Colourpop products. Prices will range form store to store; I bought mine at $55 each. 

I wholeheartedly recommend these Colourpop gems to you, even if you are a pencil liner skeptic. They make applying eyeliners a dream, and there is literally a rainbow of colours to choose from (something I love about Colourpop is that they don't shy away from colour). Inject some summer brightness into your makeup collection by picking up a few - or a dozen! Pencil liner skeptic or not, you are sure to fall for these creme gel liners. 

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