Monday, March 28, 2016

DIY: Jewelled Rings

diy jewelled wire ring

Hello all!

I have not blogged in ages as exams are approaching soon and I've been knee-deep in notes, flashcards and textbooks. Nonetheless, I have a really quick DIY for you today to satisfy any crafty cravings and to prove to you that yes, I am still alive!

You will need:
- wire
- wire cutters
- superglue
- jewel beads
- some round object the size of your finger

diy jewelled wire ring

Let's begin!

1. Take your length of wire and wrap it around your round object, forming an O.

diy jewelled wire ring

2. Slide that O off the object and cut down the middle as indicated below:

diy jewelled wire ring

You should end up with what is essentially a massive jump ring.

diy jewelled wire ring

3. Open the ring as you would with a jump ring, and slide your bead onto the ring. 

diy jewelled wire ring

4. Close the ring and superglue both ends together. Slide the bead over the two glued ends and add a drop of superglue into the hole of the bead to fully seal everything. 

diy jewelled wire ring

Voilà! You're ready to rock your jewelled ring!

diy jewelled wire ring

I was inspired to make these rings because I have just finished watching Star Wars Episodes 1-6, and - aside from being fully caught up and psyched up to join the fandom - it got me thinking about character aesthetics and what colours would represent them. The black ring was made with Darth Vader in mind because when watching RotS, I remember thinking, "That is one hella shiny suit!" Keep up with my Star Wars obsession here on my tumblr c:

Anyways, I've been and will be posting considerably less due to exams, but a cheeky post may spring out once in a while. Be updated every time I post by following me on Bloglovin here or subscribing to the mailing list on the side bar!

Have an awesome day x

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