Sunday, March 22, 2015

Goodbye Glee

*warning* spoilers and a long read ahead!

When Glee started in 2009, I was oblivious to what it was; I mean, I was nine. My older sister started watching it and that sparked my interest. I started from season 2 and since then, it has been a rollercoaster. Glee aired its final 2 hour episode on Friday (HK time), finishing season 6. 

Glee was a show that taught me about issues, such as homosexuality and bullying. I got an insight on how victims felt going through those problems and learnt to empathise. It's a lot easier learning something by going through the whole process, so maybe that's why I understand it a little better than I expect. 

The show may have triggered my fangirlism, as I remember feeling a surge of happiness when Klaine got together. Kurt had been pining over this incredibly cool and popular Warbler with his slicked-back hair, and Blaine finally noticed him. The term 'OTP' was not yet known by me, but if I had known it I would be screaming it from the rooftops. Other OPTs from the show include Rachel and Finn, and Mason and Jane. 

Each season's storylines kept me interested and entertained. They introduced new and recurring characters to freshen up the show, such as Holly Holliday, Jesse St. James, and Jake Puckerman. When Cory Monteith passed away, I was genuinely shocked and sad. The show lost it's footing a bit at that point, with everybody dropping out of whatever they were doing and returning home. I'm happy that everyone got back together, refreshed, and got back out there!

My favourite characters throughout the show are Mike Chang, Sebastian Smythe, Spencer Porter, and Madison and Mason McCarthy. First, Mike. Harry Shum Jr. is an INCREDIBLE dancer! My favourite performance of his is definitely 'Valerie', where he did a paired dance with Brittany (Heather Morris). What I liked about his storyline is that he joined the Glee club as mainly a dancer, and a background voice. He was hesitant to sing solos, and I can kind of relate; I would definitely prefer to dance than sing. 

Next, Sebastian. Oh, that snarky, flirty Warbler! It's no surprise that I love Grant Gustin, and seeing him dance and sing is a dream come true. He was the perfect baddie but I'm glad towards the end of his appearance he gained redemption. I like him more as a good guy, to be honest, but maybe it's because I'm so used to seeing him as a hero in The Flash!

Spencer was one of the newer characters but his personality stood out. He's tough and aggressive on the outside, but a total softie inside. What makes me like him so much is that he doesn't take crap from anyone, and he stood up for Roderick when he was dealing with his problems. Spencer is definitely someone I would like to befriend in real life. 

Lastly, the twins. Their relationship is rock-hard, voices too good to be true, and I want to be related to them. They brought out a certain vibe to the last few episodes of Glee: understated coolness. Madison and Mason weren't always in the center of attention, but they were always noticeable. Quirky and fun, they make me smile every episode. 

Songs and covers are one of the biggest parts of Glee. In total they have performed over 700 songs (746 to be exact!). Out of that amount, naturally I have a list of favourites. In no particular order of season, episode or ranking:
  • Smooth Criminal - Santana and Sebastian
  • Everybody Talks - Kitty and Jake
  • Home - Cast
  • Without You - Rachel
  • Valerie - New Directions
  • No Air - Cast
  • Uptown Girls - The Warblers
  • I Want to Break Free - Mason
  • Chandelier - New Directions

My favourite voices would have to be Santana's, Madison's and Blaine's. They all have very distinct voices and I have enjoyed their songs throughout the show (along with everybody else's of course!). 

I will particularly miss the newbies of the show. I feel like they didn't get enough screen time and have so much potential. A spin-off show maybe...? (hint hint)

Friday's episode showed the New Directions winning Nationals and flashed forward to the future: McKinley High becomes a performing arts school; Sue is vice-president; Rachel is pregnant with Klaine's baby; she's married to Jesse; she receives a Tony award (!) and dedicates it to Mr Shue; Mr Shue's principal; Mercedes is opening for Beyonce; Tina and Artie are together; everyone is happy.

This episode was definitely a tear-jerker, seeing everyone come back and perform one last time. So many memories were running through my head, and I felt that 'I Lived' was the perfect song to end on. 

Overall, I will definitely miss the show. Thank you, Glee, for your amazing six years!

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