Sunday, February 1, 2015

DIY: Heat Transfers

Hello peeps!

How are you all doing? As I'm writing this I'm plugged in to Fall Out Boy's 'American Beauty/American Psycho'. Wonderful album! We're approaching February now and I'm excited for two things: Chinese New Year and my birthday! January was nice but, I have to say, a bit of a slow start to the year; it mainly consisted of my favourite TV shows coming back (as mentioned in my latest update and January Favourites) from the winter hiatus. I'm eager to see what February brings!

Today's post is a DIY using heat transfers. I have been looking for it since forever, and I was beyond ecstatic to have found it. It was my first time using them and I was quite happy with the outcome.

oh hey there Sheldon

Let's get going!

You will need:

  • heat transfer paper
  • a printer
  • Microsoft Word or any other alternative
  • an iron
  • a plain light-coloured tote/pouch

To start off I purchased my transfer paper in Mong Kok East, in an art store called Art Supplies Professional. There were five sheets in the packet and it costed me $65. A little pricey but when split between all the design possibilities, not that bad.  

1. Open up a doc and on it paste in your designs. I created the 'Professional Fangirl' text myself with one of the default fonts, and I found the The Flash logo on Google. Use the functions to size your design to scale. 

ignore the 'peasants' thing, it was for a present :-)

2. From here you'll want to follow the instructions that come with the paper. On my packet it told me to flip all the images. On Word you do this by right clicking < Format Shape < 3-D Rotation. On where it says 'X' change the 0° to 180°. 

3. This is optional but you may want to print a copy of your design on normal paper, just to make sure everything fits alright on your tote/pouch. 

4. Print out your design with the heat transfer paper. 

5. Cut your designs out as close to its lines as possible. 

6. Depending on your heat transfer paper, you may get different instructions; my packet said to turn the iron on high heat. Place the design, front facing down, onto your pouch/tote and iron for a minute or so, making sure the heat is spread evenly out.

7. For a shiny finish on the design, immediately peel the backing paper before it cools. For a matte finish, peel the paper after it cools.

You are done!

I decided to go for a The Flash design to display my love for the show and Grant Gustin. I mentioned it all in my January favourites; watch it here! The 'Professional Fangirl' design is to tell the world that yes, I am a fangirl and if I have any fangirl fits it is perfectly normal!

From my experience with heat transfer paper, I learnt the hard way that the fabric you're ironing on has to be smooth. If not, the design cracks and starts to peel. Just a warning peeps!

If you've enjoyed this post, don't be shy to leave a comment down below. I would love to hear what you guys have to say :-)

That is all for today and I'll see you next week! x

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