Sunday, March 16, 2014

Marcha Ballerinas

Hey guys :)

This Sunday has been a real stay-at-home day. I had to catch up on some work I missed throughout the week because I fell sick :( The weather this week has been horrible, with grey skies, polluted air and whatnot. My nose is super sore from blowing into tissues and I'm done with it.

Anyways, last week my family and I went out to Harbour City to have a look at the new Marcha Ballerinas stand in LCX. The shop has a really cute market vibe and the flats that they sell are categorized into food or flower names.

courtesy of their Facebook page Marcha Ballerina Hong Kong :)

They come out with new designs every week or so, which I think is such a cool concept. It pulls in new customers because there'll be something for everyone, and it keeps old customers interested. They retail for $249 a pair, and any other pairs after that are $198. 

My sister immediately fell in love with the brand and snapped up two pairs. I couldn't decide what design to go for since I haven't really found my personal style yet, so I just chose a basic pair of black quilted flats for school. I think these came in the section labelled 'Acai', not quite sure...

They are seriously SO comfortable! They soles are soft but not too thin, which help protect my feet from the uneven pathway I walk on to school. These shoes are not particularly special, but I love the way they look and feel. The bow is a nice touch ;)

The shoes are packaged in this really cool net drawstring bag, complimenting the market-esque theme of the brand. Honestly, we need more themed shops in HK!

Overall, I really like my new flats and I have a new-found love for Marcha. The shoes are totally affordable, but they are still cute and comfortable! If you haven't been yet, check them out at LCX, next to Starbucks. 

That's all for today. Have a good day/night!

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