Monday, November 30, 2015

November Favourites

Hello all!

I hope you're all doing well. Mother Nature has been more lenient and we've been blessed - finally - with sweater weather. But of course, the wave of cold weather brings sickness and cold; stay strong, stay moisturised, and fight through it!

Helping me combat rough, scaly skin is the Creamy Madly Dreamy body lotion from Zoella's core collection of products. With a light, floral scent, this lotion is thick but absorbs into the skin quickly, replenishing moisture.

For my lips I recently picked up this Wild Argan Oil lip balm from The Body Shop to replace my ancient Nivea tin. For $109, this little 20ml tin is on the pricier side; nonetheless, I believe it is worth every dollar because it truly does moisturise my lips well. I apply this every night before going to bed, and before I apply a matte lipstick to avoid my lips from drying out.

Personally, washing my face in the morning is a chore. I'm perfectly fine with washing my face at night because I do it in the shower, but in the mornings I'm often barely awake. Using facial wipes isn't quite as effective as properly using a cleanser, but the tea tree wipes from Superdrug have really helped me out. After using it on my face it leaves a tingly, refreshing feeling, and my face feels nice and clean after. I was shopping one day when I came across them and decided to give it a go; for only $20 these wipes work really well!

Here's a fun little fact for you: my whole family's quite into Lush. I've mentioned my love for Lush products in previous Favourites, and for this months I have included their American Cream conditioner. Originally my mum bought this to use in her shower, but I took and started using it! It smells divine, as Lush products do, and my hair has definitely become less tangled up when I come out of the shower.

Through November, I delved more into the world of hip hop and rap. Tyga found his way into my playlists and I've been listening to his songs all month, particularly the 2011 hit 'Rack City', his sick collab with Chris Brown 'Ayo', and his latest single 'Dope'd Up'. I mentioned Kid Ink last month but 'Iz U Down' featuring Tyga popped up and earned a permanent spot in my music library. 

I really must applaud Justin Bieber on 'Purpose'; it was nothing like I imagined it to be and I absolutely love the album. The dance videos accompanying the release of the album are amazing. 'Sorry' is my favourite on it, along with 'Company', 'No Pressure' featuring Big Sean, 'Where Are Ü Now', 'Life Is Worth Living' and 'The Feeling' featuring Halsey. Speaking of Halsey, 'Coming Down' from 'Badlands' is another track on the favourites list. Her voice is pure liquid gold!

Power girl group Little Mix dropped their new album 'Get Weird' this month and it would be a crime not to include it in my favourites. It's nostalgic to see how far they've grown, as I've been a fan since their early X-Factor days. Tracks I love are the cheeky 'A.D.I.D.A.S.', 'Grown' and 'Secret Love Song' featuring Jason Derulo. Little Mix is the ultimate epitome of a perfect girl group (imo!) and I'm super happy that they are attracting more attention. 

To end the music favourites, I'm including Nick Jonas's 'Levels', Daya's 'Hideaway', and Panic! At the Disco's horrifically entertaining 'Emperor's New Clothes' (THE MUSIC VIDEO!).

And those were my November Favourites! November has been a slightly icky month for me, and I'm hoping to regain balance as we head towards the end of 2015. Have you been feeling like that too? Nonetheless, here's a little Pinterest inspiration!

Have a great day! x

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