Sunday, January 18, 2015

TV Show-Heavy Update

Hello peeps!

I was going to film a video for this week but I honestly didn't know what to film. I was thinking, maybe a tag video would do, but my brain wasn't quite up for it. I want my videos to be entertaining and interesting, and filming them half-heartedly is not what I want to do. A video schedule is not something I have at the moment so I will try to upload when I can.

First thing happened a couple of days ago: In The Flesh was cancelled by BBC 3. I can't express how disappointed I am at this decision. It was truly an amazing show, and the fandom fought very hard to promo it to others and make sure it won the polls from various platforms. To be frank, it kind of sucks considering we were left off at a very dramatic cliff-hanger; now we will never know why they were digging up Amy's body, or what Siren will become. There has been the tag #renewintheflesh floating around Twitter and Tumblr lately, and people are trying to get other networks to notice the show and pick it up. As much as I would absolutely love for that to happen, it is quite unlikely. RIP In The Flesh, you were a fantastic show while you lasted.


On the theme of TV shows, Agent Carter premiered early this month and I am IN LOVE. I've always loved culture from the 1900s and the show combines that with the kickass-ery of the MCU. Hayley Atwell is the perfect Peggy Carter, and the other incredible actors compliment her so well. So far only three episodes have come out and apparently only eight in total are going to come out. A HUGE fingers-crossed that the network orders more episodes because it is a really great show. Besides, I can't have another show die out on me; first The Carrie Diaries, Selfie, and now In The Flesh. Argh :-/

“Her trademark look is the red custom ladies Stetson Stratoliner hat, a burst of color in a sea of grey fedoras. Working in man’s world she needed to stand out, and she did that using color in her wardrobe.”
— Giovanna Ottobre-Melton, Costume Designer for Agent Carter (x)
Quick fanart for Agent Carter! Simple but pretty fun to do.
stunning piece of fanart from Tumblr

I've been watching yet another show this month but I want to save it for my monthly favourites! If you know me then you'll probably know what it is ;-)

Yesterday I had a free day to myself so I went around doing some shopping. I don't care to admit how much I actually bought (eep - lots of nail polish!) but maybe I'll do a haul video in the next coming weeks?

Ok, gosh, there is ANOTHER show I've been watching this month, I've just remembered. My lips are sealed for now!

A couple days ago I watched a Meghan Rosette Q&A video where she said she wasn't quite happy with how her channel was; she didn't want to just stick to the beauty and fashion genre. I got me thinking about how I wanted to present my posts and videos. I suppose I don't go into any particular category but I'm actually fine with that. I want to do a bit of everything because I have so many interests and it's fun to try out different things.

Lastly I changed my Tumblr url from to I haven't been as active as I was during winter break but I do go on every day to reblog a little!

Not much of a post today - my thoughts are all over the place - but just a little update on what's been going on my screen. That's all for today and I'll be back next week! x

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