Sunday, January 11, 2015

Topshop Lip Polish: Twin

Hey guys!

This week was the first week back to school, and I have to say it went better than I expected! I guess I was dreading some huge situation but in reality it didn't happen. Phewww.

Today's post is on a lip polish from Topshop. I bought Twin after my sister did; I loved the colour when she showed it to me so I decided to pick one up for myself (I make the 'twin' joke every time, and every time she rolls her eyes at me). I believe it's from the Autumn makeup collection, but in Hong Kong I'm not too sure if the makeup comes out in collections.

Once again, first up is packaging: it's safe to say that I absolutely LOVE the packaging! The actual tube is a sleek shiny black with matte black stripes and matte black lettering. It looks much more high-end than it actually is and it's a nice size, not too chunky or slim.

The product twists up, your standard lip stick mechanism. 

You might be thinking, God that's a dark shade! At first it shocked me a little but the actual tint is not as dark; I'm not yet brave enough to sport a bold Lorde-esque lip! I would describe it as a plum that leans towards red. A coat gives a nice lick of colour but it is build-able and can give you a full plum-not-quite-burgundy lip. I've got quite small lips so after I apply it I like to blot it out a bit to avoid looking like Miranda Sings. 

The texture will be a bit off the first time you use it, but it does glide on well after a few times of use. On the lips it's a lightweight formula with some shine to it. The product is not particularly moisturising so prepping your lips with a lip balm beforehand will help. 

Overall I like this lip polish: the packaging rocks and the colour payoff is great! I'm almost certain that it's available in all Topshops around HK so look out for it when you go near a store. If you're shopping online treat yourself to one here.

That is all for today, I hope you have a nice day and I'll see you next week x

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