Monday, September 29, 2014

September Favourites

Hey guys!

September has been a pretty good month for me. I found out about a bunch of cool things and I can't wait to share them with you all!

The first favourite is Parks and Recreation. Ahhhhhhh. When I fall for a TV show, I fall for it hard and Parks and Rec was just one of those shows. I love everything about it, from the characters and mockumentary style, to the fact that each episode is twenty minutes long so I can watch more episodes in less time. Initially I started watching it because Chris Pratt is in it, and you all know how much I loved GOTG. After the first few episodes I was hooked; I finished all six seasons in three weeks. That's five years worth of a TV show in twenty one days. My record of obsession reached new heights.

I absolutely cannot go without saying that Andy and April are the best ship ever. And it's canon!


One major favourite down; on to music.

1. 'Be My Forever' - Christina Perri and Ed Sheeran
Christina Perri and Ed Sheeran sound so good together on this track! The harmonies are on point and even though the song is super simple, it's so catchy It's a really happy song and it always cheers me up when I'm down. As a bonus, it reminded me of the love between April and Andy :) Gotta keep the ship support strong!

1/5. April and Andy mini playlist
Through watching Andy and April's relationship, a few songs stuck in my head, such as 'Be My Forever', 'Boom Clap' by Charli XCX and 'A Certain Romance' by Arctic Monkeys. 'A Certain Romance' is so quirky, just like the two.

2. 'Greetings From California' - The Madden Brothers
As most of my friends know, last year I had the BIGGEST obsession with Good Charlotte. I found their pop punk vibe really cool and I was desperate to learn all their songs on guitar (I once asked my teacher to teach me the solo from 'The River' and it didn't go so well :/). When they disappeared a while back I was totally distraught. But anyways, flash-forward to earlier this month: I discovered that the Madden Brothers, Joel and Benji, had come out with a new album. It reminds me a lot of the Good Charlotte vibe, but in a way it's changed. My two favourite songs are 'We Are Done' and 'Out of My Mind'.

3. 'La La Latch' - Pentatonix
This song became a fast favourite of mine as I only first listened to it last week. I kept hearing people (aka my sisters) about 'Latch' but I had never listened to it. Last week I decided to give the Pentatonix mashup a go, and I am so glad I did. 'Latch' is actually a really good song on its own but paired with 'La La La' makes it the best mashup. Pentatonix never fails to impress and 'La La Latch' is a huge hit in my book. Honestly not enough people know about Pentatonix and they need to hear their songs!

Other favourites

1. This bag

I love this bag because it's an everything bag. It fits whatever I need: a jacket, an umbrella, even a nice hefty paperback. I would never be able to survive with a small crossbody because it can only fit the bare minimals. This bag was purchased from H&M earlier this month. 

2. 'The Night Circus' - Erin Morgenstern

This is my second time reading this book but it is definitely my all time favourite book. The storyline is thrilling and mystical, the characters unique, and overall reading it is an experience. As you can see from the worn edges, it is a well-loved copy and I'm contemplating buying a hardcover version so I can preserve it in the best condition. 

3. Warm Vanilla Sugar body mist

Yum is all I can say about this scent! True to its name, it does indeed smell like vanilla sugar. It's a very sweet, comforting scent that's appropriate for Autumn. I really like how the new packaging of the bottle captures the essence and (with lack of a better word) style of the scent. And look at Bethany Mota owning the cover of Seventeen!

4. This necklace

I have to admit, H&M has really stepped up their game in terms of accessories. This season they launched a whole range of really nice accessories for relatively affordable prices. I found this adorable little necklace at the back of the store and it has become one of my most worn pieces. It's so simple yet beautiful, especially when it catches the light. 

I apologise for my previous posts this month as I feel like they aren't really up to the standard that I would like my posts to be. The coming posts will definitely be a bit more exciting!

Until next time xx

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