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The Body Shop Foundation - Dragon Fruit Lip Butter

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Today's post is a review on The Body Shop Foundation's Dragon Fruit Lip Butter, as you can see from the title. I picked this little guy up a few weeks ago and I'm here to tell you my thoughts on it!

First things first [I'm the realest]: details. This product is a project The Body Shop is working on to raise money for select charities around the world in the categories of human rights, animal protection, and environmental protection. The list of ingredients is long, but the main thing is that the lip butter includes plenty of natural oils and Shea butter, which works wonders on the lips. For the full description of the product, click HERE (linking the Canadian site because the Hong Kong site is currently down and the description is the same). For more details on the project, click HERE.

So it is imperative that I highlight/praise/gush about the packaging. As said before, I am the biggest sucker for packaging, and this lip butter instantly caught my eye. I don't even remember what I was doing in The Body Shop, as I rarely go in! Anyways, the colours are supposed to resemble the colours of a dragon fruit. It reminds me a lot of a pop art piece of work, the colour palette something Andy Warhol would have worked with. It's fun, it's bright, and the pair of lips on the front gives it some sass. I am definitely loving the packaging! The size of it is convenient; I can easily throw it into my bag and find it amidst the junk everything else.

The smell is absolutely divine. It has a strong dragon fruit fragrance with hints of mango and peach mixed in; the combination results in fruity, summer-y goodness. Some people may not like the smell as it can be quite heavy, but it's a winner for me.

reminds me of this scene!

The consistency of the lip butter resembles what it is named after: butter. Personally it feels like melting butter, the kind that you would leave out of the fridge to use for baking. Then again, lip butters and balms tend to 'melt' slightly in hotter climates, and Hong Kong summers definitely count as one. To prevent this the lip butter could be chilled in the fridge, but it's not that much of a bother to me. The creamy, rich formula feels great on the lips. 

Although it comes off quite opaque on the lips, it turns clear when you rub it in well. I prefer to apply this at night to let it properly sink in. The outcome in the morning is a pair of soft, hydrated lips.

Admittedly, the price of this lip butter was a little bit steep ($79). I normally try to stick under $50 as the Burt's Bees lip balms have kept me satisfied and my lips moisturised for $49. Nonetheless, 100% of the $79 goes to charity. They have set it up in a system where when you pay at the counter, you get to vote for which charity you would like to donate your money to. The selection of charities differ around the world, and in the HK stores they include Half The Sky Foundation, Lifelong Animal Protection Charity, and Clean Air Limited Network. The winning charity, out of three charities, will get 50% of all that The Body Shop receive from selling the lip butters. The second will receive 30%, then 20% for the third. I thought it was a pretty good concept, and I handed over my money guilt-free :) 

all from google images
I voted for Half The Sky in case you were wondering!

Overall, I am really enjoying this product. The price is a little high, but aside from that it's something you should definitely consider buying. The smell is yummy, the packaging rocks, it is moisturising, and it's all for a good cause. Plus, these lip butters only come out during certain times of the year so make sure you snap one up before they are gone!

That's it from me today, and I'll see you next week xx

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