Monday, October 5, 2015

An Autumn/Winter To-Do List

Hello all!

I don't know what it is about the colder months of the year, but everything gets better (ok, maybe not everything but a lot of things). It's hard to describe, but music, fashion, and life in general gains a certain appeal. I think it's due to that cold weather and that feeling of, "I'm free and I can achieve anything!" It's like a New Year during the year that allows you to Be Productive and Make Changes before the year ends. Admittedly I'm much more sluggish during Spring and Summer, so I've compiled a to-do list of things I hope to do in the coming months!

1. Go for hotpot
Hotpot is pretty big in Hong Kong and though you can go for it any time during the year, what screams "winter" more than gathering a group of friends or your family for a hearty, stomach-bursting meal? 

2. Bake something
My sister's the chef of out family but I am determined to produce a nice cake, pie, cupcakes, or brownies for us to share. I may not have all the skills required to do so, but it's all in the learning process!

3. Stick to my posting and uploading schedule
Recently I've been quite sucky, frankly put, with my upload and posting schedule. Life has gotten busy and the coming months will get even busier, but do come and check the blog every week. I've got two Autumn/Winter posts planned so keep an eye out for those. Hopefully I can iron everything out and get more consistent with posting and uploading. 

4. Continue working out
This Summer I actually stuck to a workout routine, surprising my self. Now that the school year has started, I have been slacking a little bit, which is a bit disappointing. Time to pick it back up!

5. Get into the habit of burning candles
Besides blankets, candles epitomise coziness. My mum bought me a few candles back from the UK, and they smell divine! I can just imagine it: candles in the background while I'm on my laptop binge-watching 'Mr Robot' :)

What are your plans for the coming months? xx

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