Thursday, September 10, 2015

20 Reasons Why I Love Autumn

Hello all!

So you've probably heard me moan countless times about the icky humidity of Hong Kong weather and how we get no Autumn (Summers merge into Winters around here). Surprisingly, as we meld into September the weather has been glorious. Mind you, I've got considerably low expectations of what Autumn should feel like, but the past few days have just been really nice.

Appropriately, Caitlin from Blogging Through The Mirror recently released a '20 Reasons I Love Autumn' post. I thought I'd do one as well, so make sure you check out hers here!

1. Those lovely days when it's sunny, but you feel a breeze
2. Candles seem much more appropriate, so abundantly burning them will not be frowned upon
3. Iced Starbucks drinks with autumnal flavours
4. Cozying up with a good book
5. Nail colours
6. All sorts of boots you can wear
7. All the sweaters
8. The general mood and atmosphere
9. Chillier nights
10. TV shows come back from Summer hiatuses (hello 'The Flash', 'iZombie', and 'The Big Bang Theory'!)
11. Humidity levels lower
12. Major school house events tend to clump around this time of year
13. Exercising outdoors will be more comfortable
14. Horrendous bugs and insects come out less
15. Fairy lights look more magical
16. Lots of Autumn decor revolves around rose gold (or as I associate it with)
17. Salted caramel seems to be a prominent flavour during Autumn and it is absolutely delish!
18. Listening to Christmas carols doesn't seem like a too far-fetched idea (... in my book it isnt!)
19. Everything Pinterest-y and Tumblr-y associated with Autumn
20. Knowing that Winter and Christmas are a mere few months away :)

See you soon! x

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